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Landmark masterplan for Lea Bridge

This is a landmark project for bpr architects as it demonstrates our Station Place principles and harnessing the power of local authority, train operator and private developer collaboration to bring much needed regeneration to outlying areas - using stations as the catalyst. The development will create civic space, provide more homes, jobs and bring a new vibrancy to the area. Our draft report for Lea Bridge is available through the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Wide 17043 01 sk11 s1 p1  view of station place  jpg
Wide 17043 01 sk13 s1 p1  lea bridge station place    aerial view of station place
The development brief was prepared with Greater Anglia train operating company and AR Urbanism and examines how the 3 council owned sites adjacent to Lea Bridge station could be developed to generate a new high quality neighbourhood centre with a new station at its heart.   The proposed development will regenerate the entire area.