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BIM Busters

bpr feature in Vectorworks blog. As long standing champions of BIM - bpr understand its value in creating good design.

Wide 13001 02 37a  proposed view from car park
Wide 13001 09 n18 medium

Myth 1: BIM takes away from the creative process.

Myth Buster: By designing completely in 3D you can enhance your vision, not detract from it.

Wide 13001 09 n113 medium

Myth 2: Collaborating in BIM is Too Difficult

Myth Buster: Collaboration is at the heart of BIM Level 2 and should be used to streamline your workflow.

Wide 13001 02 36a  proposed view of entrance

Myth 3: BIM Won’t Work If Collaborators Use Different Software

Myth Buster: Being able to import/export between different file formats is key to successful coordination.

Wide 13001 02 25  proposed roof plan

Myth 4: BIM Will Slow You Down

Myth Buster: The ability to automate data seamlessly increases efficiency and ensures accuracy.

Wide 13001 02 37a  proposed view from car park

Myth 5: Working in BIM is Too Challenging

Myth Buster: With Vectorworks software, you can build trust with clients and envision ways to collaborate in the future.

See the 5 myth busters below.