BPR Re-Brand

I hope you enjoy our distinctive new brand

The BPR brand mark represents creative efficiency through the convergence of simplistic typography. Inspired by German industrial design, it takes visual reference from the works of Dieter Rams, who worked most notably on Braun products.

Besides the evocation of the industrial, movement and progression are also definitively embodied within the ‘ticking’ treatment upon the ‘B’. The fluidity of this device naturally produces a bespoke and unique look, that is in turn rendered immediately recognisable.

Our mission is to support each and every one of our clients, adding value to communities through good design. Through our dedication to craft and unwavering commitment to good design, we will create solutions that can positively impact communities for generations to come.

We are very grateful to fst branding consultants who suported us in the developmetn of our new identity.