Diversity matters!

BPR Architects is an Employee Owned SME committed to a positive approach to equality, diversity and inclusion via our policies and practices. Through staff training, inclusive leadership and ethical procurement we are committed to embedding equality and diversity within all our polices, actions and business arrangements.

Our approach to design is committed to providing for an inclusive society. We believe integrating equality principles will help to create connected communicates which support their members, value diversity and challenge discrimination. To achieve a fairer, more comprehensive built environment we practice inclusive design, including meaningful stakeholder engagement and careful consideration of vulnerable groups.

We believe projects benefit when designed by a more diverse workforce. Through staff inductions and reviews related to our diversity and inclusion policies we encourage staff to respect each other. We support the wider community by sharing our experiences through mentioning, volunteering and teaching.

We ensure that our values are shared with all staff, wider project designs teams, clients and contractors by implementing, sharing and continually monitoring effectiveness our Equality and Diversity Strategic Plan and Equality and Diversity Training Programme.