Kenley Aerodrome Completed

Kenley Aerodrome is home to the most intact airfield from World War II and therefore a site of considerable historical significance. BPR Architects have been working closely with the Reserve Forces and Cadets’ Association for Greater London to restore the gliding facilities at the site to allow cadets once again to take to the skies over the airfield.

The works involved a new perimeter fence around the edge of the airfield and construction of a new single storey cadet training centre built on the site of the existing facilities. The building is designed to respond sensitively to the historical setting using a palette of brick and metal roofing but has a striking contemporary form. The main entrance into the building utilises a glulam frame to expose the form of the building internally and connect the entrance of the building to the airfield beyond. The new centre will provide a fantastic facility for young people to learn to fly.