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the grove art, design and media centre

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Phase 3 of Middlesex University’s Hendon campus masterplan consolidated all arts programmes from the Cat Hill campus into a new £42 million art, design and media centre for the School of Arts and Education.

The centre comprises a vast array of specialist studio space for painting and fine art, film and photography, fashion and textiles design, jewellery, ceramics and sculpture, digital media and animation, and sound and TV recording. Additional studio spaces accommodate Illustration and graphics design, interior architecture and product design. 

The centre is supported by a range of specialist support workshops, including wood, metal, plastics and ceramics, as well as 3D printing, prototyping and templating facilities. 

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The centre is designed as much as a gallery space for students’ work, exhibitions, performance pieces and catwalk shows.

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Arranged as a sequence of buildings strung out along the southern end of the campus, the heart of the centre is a large central working atrium, where the diverse arts disciplines come together.

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The use of form, materials and colours in the design aim to reflect the rich tapestry of resources which the arts themselves draw upon. There are visual references in the architecture to jewellery and photography, fashion and sculpture, and both the three dimensional spatial qualities and the use of texture and colour in the design form a strong relationship with the creative identity and function of the centre.

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The wide linking spaces throughout the media complex reinforce the concept of working display permeating the buildings, where synergies and cross-fertilisation of ideas between the arts prosper.

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