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london overground station design idiom

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The London Overground Station Design Idiom prepared by bpr working with Transport for London, offers an innovative solution to the redevelopment of stations to prepare them for the increasingly important role railway stations play in London’s local communities. The design idiom shows how station buildings can be designed to facilitate a coherent journey from pavement to platform and realises the importance of embracing the communities served by the network. The concept of the station as a continuation of ‘the street’ will strengthen the TfL brand as a world class transport system, and reinforce the London Overground network as a safe, accessible, reliable and efficient service.

“Over the past year we have worked with bpr architects to produce the London Overground Station Design Idiom which aligns with the London Underground Idiom but also incorporates some London Overground uniqueness.  It was exciting to see the way it was positively received by those at transport by design and provides a great basis for the future of our stations.” 
Mike Stubbs – Director of London Overground 2016

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The vision of continuing local street patterns and materials throughout the station should inform the design and detailing of every London Overground station. By doing this, we create buildings that are routed in their locality, whilst maintaining a consistent and recognisable theme across the TfL network.

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