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kew bridge station quarter

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Kew Bridge Station Quarter is located behind the old Grade II listed Station Building on redundant railway that has been used for storage and a builders’ yard. bpr were instructed to prepare design proposals for a high-quality residential mixed-use development on land owned by Network Rail Property. These have been prepared for blocwork JV, a joint venture between Network Rail and bloc that aims to make better use of underdeveloped railway property.  

bpr prepared design proposals that respond to the tight site and provide an elegant design, using curved balconies as a simple method to generate depth to the elevation. The high-quality design has led to a higher density proposal. The design offers a sustainable solution, aiming to achieve a zero carbon development through the use of solar panels, a communal boiler and high levels of insulation. Contributions will also be made to the local authority to make up for any shortfall in carbon savings and the heating system has the ability to be connected to a future district heating network. 

By working closely with blocwork JV, Network Rail, the adjoining developers and adjoining private owners, bpr have created a design solution that maximises the potential value for all. The masterplan for the site took into consideration the wider context and location of Kew Bridge Railway Station. The central space of the development provides a high-quality shared amenity that will be used by all, and defines the quality of the new residential Quarter.

The development plans received broad support in consultation with local residents and were approved in December 2017. 

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bpr’s understanding of the demand of the complex rail environment, combined with our experience in working with commercial developments in the private sector gives us a unique insight into the tension between the demands of the market and the needs of the operational infrastructure. Kew Bridge Station Quarter is the first of several commercial projects under blocwork JV that aim to maximise the value of development on land that is owned and managed by Network Rail.

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We undertook several design studies to examine the potential for development on this complex rail property that was bounded by Kew Bridge Station platforms, a listed station building, an adjacent development project and several private land owners.Our challenge was to work with all the neighbours to achieve a design solution that enhanced the value of the masterplan for all.We explored a range of options from low rise risk free solutions to a high rise high-density option. Following a successful planning application for a low density proposal that achieved a change of use, we are now proceeding with the submission of a high-capacity option that will maximise the potential value of the development.

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The Grade II listed station and the nearby Grade I listed tower to Kew Steam Museum - along with important views from Kew Bridge, Kew Gardens and the station - all influenced the design and layout. The Steam Museum provides a vision of movement through the spaces that is reflected in the arm of the pumping works that created the form of the external space.

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