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As part of the first phase of Middlesex University’s ten year strategic masterplan, this £14 million award-winning design delivers an iconic and dramatic statement of arrival to the Hendon campus.

Previously an underused and unkempt courtyard, the quad has been remodelled and integrated into the refurbished 1930s quadrangle building by opening up the existing facades and rationalising the circulation around and between the previously isolated wings. The strikingly modern and innovative glass roof floats independent of the original structure, and nestles within the body of the original courtyard, unseen from outside, but completely transforming the space within.

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The quad has now become a central focus for a range of staff, student and visitor activities. It houses the main campus reception and provides a flexible space for casual and social meetings, informal pop up events for open days, student fairs, societies and clubs, as well as more structured events such as awards ceremonies and formal dinners, performances, presentations and exhibitions.

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The design for the quad roof is based around the arrangement of four separate bays, each an inverted glazed pyramid with its peak independently supported by a freestanding mast. these supporting cluster columns are located eccentric to their own bay so that each pyramid is offset in plan, creating a heightened drama to the roof form, and allowing a greater column free span in the space below.

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A significant part of the design intent was to rationalise circulation and physical connection between the isolated wings of the existing building. Establishing new links and routes within and across the Quad over 3 stories, has significantly improved the movement and wayfinding for students around 'college building', The principal timetabled generic teaching block on campus.

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