Imagine 2030 – a vision for a zero carbon economy

BPR Architects have given some thought to what Hammersmith might look like if we managed to reduce our carbon emissions to zero in 2030, as promised by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. There would be far fewer cars on the road, and the space currently used by cars could be taken over by people and nature.

BPR Architects were supporting our director, Paul Beaty-Pownall, who has been asked to chair the LBHF Climate and Ecological Emergency Commission and is working with a team of 12 local residents to support Hammersmith & Fulham in understanding how we might reduce carbon emissions to net zero and increase biodiversity across the whole borough by 2030.

The image below is being used by a team of local groups to illustrate how a zero carbon future is something to look forward to. Reducing our emissions will create a better environment for everyone

Local Authority

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham


To help reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2030


LBHF Climate and Ecological Emergency Commission


Imagine 2030 and think about how much better our environment would be if we no longer emit carbon and nature can grow all around us. Imagine the sound of nature, the fresh air and seeing all the birds that would be feeding off the insects that would be allowed to flourish.