BPR were commissioned to look at the deep-refurbishment of an existing building for the University of East London. The project involves removing the tired arrangement of underutilised, cellular offices and repurposing as an innovation hub with open and collaborative co-working spaces.

Underpinning the emerging design proposals is a truly sustainable design ethos; a tripartite approach has been employed whereby new materials and products are either recycled, upcycled or found on site.

The use of touchdown areas, concierge-style desks and lounges also helps redefine the notion of office whilst encouraging new ways of working, and ensuring that knowledge exchange is not confined to closed-off, cellular offices.

Biophilic design principles have also been utilised, to help improve the wellbeing of those using the facility. New walls are to be clad with plant or moss, and natural materials specified. A language of slatted-wood cladding permeates throughout the space adding surprise and delight to vertical surfaces whilst creating a framework within which students and staff can curate the space.