West Hampstead Railway Station

The new station building at West Hampstead is the first pilot station to impliment the TfL Overground Station Design Idiom, and has been designed to accommodate increasing passenger numbers as the overground network continues to grow.

BPR Architects have collaborated extensively with London Overground to develop a new vision for the future of the overground station design.

The concept of the station as a continuation of 'The Street' will create a more coherent link between pavement and platform. ‘The street’ will strengthen the TfL brand as a world class transport system, and reinforce the overground network as a safe, accessible, and efficient service.


TfL London Overground

Mechanical & Electrical Consultant

Mott Macdonald

Structural/Civil Engineer

Mott MacDonald


Buckingham Group Contracting

The Street

The ‘Street’ Concept reinforces the stations role in supporting the civic space around the station.

The station provides a direct link between the pavement and the platform.

The local street network will provide enhanced capacity and has influenced the architectural character of the design.

Opened August 2019

Extensive stakeholder engagement and management with London Overground, train operator, adjacent developer, local authority and active resident groups.

Early identification of opportunities to improve visual links between stations (the area is defined as a ‘strategic interchange zone’ within the mayor’s transport strategy).

Early development of construction phasing plan due to logistical complexities of building a new station within a confined site near a busy main road.

Low Cost -Low Maintenance - Sustainable

External grade materials have been used to provide low maintenance finishes in an outdoor environment that do not require environmental conditioning.

The ‘Street’ concept is sustainable because it promotes an unheated concourse that does not require artificial heating, thus reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

Customer Support Zone

Introduction of ‘Customer Support Zone’ concept capitalises on advances in ticketing sales.

The new modular wall panel system with TVMs and information signage, plus a new open customer support desk replaces the traditional ticket office environment.

The space encourages face to face friendly service and a more dynamic working area, where staff members will leave their desks and help passengers remotely.

The ‘Street’ Concept reinforces the stations role in supporting the civic space around the station.

Repeating local materiality and street patterns into the station provides a seamless journey from pavement to platform and gives a sense of identity and placemaking.